Introducing Give&Go from Groups By Design and SmartCart Recycling

Give&Go reduces your travel costs and boosts your fund-raising efforts through a proven program customized for your group - absolutely free. Less stress, less hassle, less cost - that's what you'll get with Give&Go.

Take advantage of this opportunity to build a travel and fund-raising strategy that fits your group's budget and resources. We are here to help you succeed.

Give&Go delivers:

  • Over 50 years of combined experience in group travel planning,
  • Customized itineraries including free travel for trip organizers,
  • 15 years of community outreach and fund-raising experience, and
  • A customized fund-raising program at absolutely no cost to you.

Earn $$Double Bonus Bucks$$ with Give&Go.

Plan your travel with Give&Go and your group can earn Double Bonus Bucks -- real dollars to use toward your trip. Give&Go members get double for each bonus dollar earned through recycling.

Don't throw it away -- Give&Go instead.

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