Exciting Travel

Watch the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge. Ride to the top of the St. Louis Arch. Join Mickey at Disney World on your trip to Orlando. Witness our government in action in Washington, DC. There are so many exciting places your group can choose to visit!

Groups By Design creates group travel programs to any destination in the United States. Some of our most popular domestic destinations with sample itineraries are provided in this section. We can customize these itineraries as needed to meet your group’s needs.

For academic travel, Groups By Design provides teacher packets for many domestic destinations. These packets include educational information on what will be seen during the trip and the packets are divided into subjects such as math, science, history, language arts, etc. Most of the packets include work sheets for students to complete prior to their trip. There are also student activity sheets to complete at museums as they visit them. Maps/atlas worksheets are included to show the students where they will be traveling.

If your group has special needs, we will do everything possible to arrange a trip that will accommodate you. For example, we can arrange a Washington, DC tour for the visually impaired, which includes hands-on exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution and Ford Theater.

Whether you need just group air or you need an all-inclusive trip, Groups By Design can put all the pieces together. Just pick your destination and contact Groups By Design today for a quote!


Top Locations



L.A. - San Diego

New Orleans

New York



San Francisco

St. Louis

Washington D.C.