Q: What’s the difference between group and individual airline tickets?
A: Group tickets can be issued for 10 or more people traveling together. Group tickets are usually less expensive and less restrictive than individual tickets. Individual tickets must be purchased within 24 hours to guarantee the fare, but the fare for group tickets is locked in once a deposit has been paid to the airline.

Q: Why should I purchase our group’s tickets from Groups By Design?
A: We specialize in group travel and have the volume that allows us to get the best routing at the best price. The professionals on our staff know the rules of group travel and are aware of special pricing available for groups. We know how to get the most for your travel dollars.

Q: Can you arrange for lodging, meals, tours, and ground transportation?
A: Yes, we can make these arrangements and include them in the cost of your group package.

Q: Can you provide motorcoach programs?
A: Yes, we have an extensive array of itineraries for U.S. destinations and for several international locations as well.

Q: Can you provide guides?
A: Yes, we have professional guides available for your group’s destination. If your group is traveling abroad, we can arrange English-speaking guides.

Q: Do you provide pre-departure orientation programs?
A: Yes, we provide comprehensive information for groups. The orientation is tailored to meet each group’s needs.

Q: Do you provide a complimentary trip for our group leader?
A: Yes, we can provide a complimentary trip for a group leader (contingent on a minimum number of paying participants).

Q: We are located in another state. Can you work with us?
A: Many of our clients are located in other areas. We can conduct all business by telephone, e-mail, fax, etc.

Q: How much experience do you have in making group travel arrangements?
A: We have over 20 years of group travel experience and have sent thousands of people to destinations all around the world.

Q: Do you have references available?
A: Yes, we would be happy to provide you a list of some of our satisfied customers upon request.



Q: What academic services do you provide?
A: We provide curriculum design, consultative services for both itinerary and content of program, and in-country specialists.

Q: What in-country services do you provide?
A: We provide local guides, ground transfers, hotels, meals, cultural activities, and academic service learning opportunities.

Q: How do you ensure the safety of our group?
A: We have a physician on call for medical emergencies and we select the safest routes to destinations. Safety is the primary consideration in putting together itineraries and selecting hotels.

Q: What is service learning and how can it be used by a group?
A: Service learning allows a group leader to integrate service into an academic program. Service learning enables the leader to create participants who are more than tourists and who can provide direct service to the places visited.




Q: Do your itineraries comply with the Fly America Act?
A: Yes, all our itineraries for inbound U.S. State Department groups are in compliance with the Fly America Act. We understand this is a requirement of your grant and always prepare itineraries that are appropriate given this stipulation.

Q: Do you provide airfare estimates for grant proposals?
A: Yes, we have extensive experience assisting organizations with the preparation of the travel components of their grant proposals.

Q: How many organizations do you work with for inbound U.S. State Department groups?
A: We have worked with over two dozen organizations to bring groups to the U.S. for professional and cultural exchange programs.

Q: Are you familiar with the Community Connections program?
A: Yes, everyone on our staff has served as a host family for Business for Russia and Community Connections participants. In addition, Groups By Design has been a host business for numerous participants.