About Us

Groups By Design's (GBD) primary focus is custom designing group travel programs for educational, religious, community and government organizations. GBD has been in business in Louisville, Kentucky, since 1993.

We provide the following travel services for groups of ten or more passengers:

• Negotiation of best routing at the lowest possible price for airline tickets
• Arrangement of rail transportation, hotels, tours, meals, and attractions
• Creation of customized itineraries for group programs
• Consultation, creation, and implementation of service learning programs
• Preparation of travel cost estimates for U.S. State Department grant proposals
• Coordination of air transportation for inbound Community Connections groups (in compliance with the Fly America Act)
• Creation and implementation of pre-departure educational programs
• Arranging travel medical services for medically under served destinations

Our clients are located across the U.S. and include:

• Elementary, middle, and high schools
• Colleges and universities
• U.S. State Department grant recipients
• Churches
• Service learning groups

GBD's staff includes experienced travel professionals, academic consultants, and cultural and foreign language experts:

Ms. Patti George - Ms. George is the President of Groups By Design and has over twenty years of educational-based travel experience. She majored in Russian and French in college and worked as a Russian translator with a top-secret government security clearance for several years. Ms. George has arranged the educational travel plans for thousands of individual and group travelers. Over the past twenty years, Ms. George has established a supply chain second to none in the industry. Her connections and negotiation talents consistently provide exceptional value for Groups By Design's clients.

Ms. Leanne Hernandez - Ms. Hernandez is the Director of Operations at Groups By Design. She is a fluent Spanish speaker and has years of experience arranging international cultural and professional exchange programs.

GBD's staff has developed direct relationships with local and international partners as well as affiliates in Europe, the Caribbean, South and Central America, Australia, the Pacific Rim, and the Holy Land.

Groups By Design
9432 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40222

502-423-0540 (fax)

Patti George, President: patti@groupsbydesign.com
Leanne Hernandez, Director of Operations: leanne@groupsbydesign.com