What Is the International Physicians Program?

The physical safety of our clients is our number one priority. Groups By Design offers the exclusive services of a cadre of travel physicians under an international physician program. Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the program:

Why does a group need a doctor on-call while they’re traveling?
A group of people who have chronic medical conditions may want a to be able to contact a doctor with international expertise while they are traveling. Any group of people traveling to a destination where they believe the medical services are not comparable to the care they receive at home. An on-call physician provides ‘peace of mind" for group leaders and those responsible for the safe return of the travelers.

What are the resources of International Physician?
Physicians overseeing operations have many years experience working overseas and in assisting travelers and expatriates all over the world. The operations have access to the University of Louisville Medical Center thereby establishing a complete array of medical specialists available for consultation Physician leaders include: a former Chief Medical Advisor to the US Peace Corps and the inventor of the nations leading pre-travel medical

How does International Physician work?
Once a group is established the group leader is provided with a pre-travel health plan that contains the latest information regarding immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, emergency telephone numbers within the country (s) and food and water precautions. The physicians can also provide information regarding the management of individual medical conditions. This is called the pre-travel package. For an additional fee, the group leader is provided with a telephone number that can be accessed 24 hours a day. A physician will answer this call and provide the best management plan for any sick person (s) in the group. International Physician does not directly provide medical evacuation but can arrange and manage these services if necessary. This is called the intra-travel package.


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